Overview: O.K. Corral Seminar Series Mileposts

All exercises instructed at O.K. Corral Certification Seminars are the original creation of Greg Kersten, including the Greg Kersten Signature Series exercises that provided the foundation for the field of Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy: Life’s Little Obstacles, Temptation Alley, Equine Billiards, Extended Appendages, Catch and Halter, Longeing, Ground Tie, Lie Detector, and Safety Dismount.

OKCorralSeries Seminars Group with Horses

Meeting your varied needs

The O.K. Corral Series teaches ground (95%) and mounted exercises for use in the practice of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and equine-assisted learning. The O.K. Corral Series offers different certification seminars to meet the varied needs and interests of the ever-growing fields of equine-assisted wellness.

The motif of mileposts is used to symbolize the posts around the O.K. Corral. Each O.K. Corral Series Seminar is given a color code to signify its milepost. O.K. Corral Series Seminars may be attended in any order, one or all, certification in EAP and EAL is earned after your first three-day seminar! The first day of each seminar is dedicated to equine-assisted safety and an overview of EAP and EAL techniques and skills by the Founder of EAP, Greg Kersten. The rest of the seminar hones in on more specific areas of expertise to deal with more specific situations or clients. The underlying theme of the O.K. Corral Series is that people are not as far from “O.K.” as they may believe. Getting every area of our lives back to “O.K.” is the goal, and it is attainable, through techniques of observation, knowledge, and communication.

Certification seminar descriptions

O.K., It’s Family Time – DO Try This at Home! (Yellow)  This seminar focuses on the emotional health and growth of families, through specific and proven activities and exercises.  Whether conducted by EAP Professionals, couples, or single parents, the methods taught are designed to be conducted at your own corral!

Crisis to Confidence: Turning “Bad” into “O.K.” (Red)  This seminar is the definitive crisis-management training conducted by Greg Kersten. Greg blends the basics of EAP into specific nonverbal, emotional skills to make a “bad” situation “O.K.”  Useful at home, at work, in your community, and even in the corral.

Giddy Up and Get Over It! (Green)  This versatile seminar covers the basics of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy/Equine Assisted Learning, with applications for everyone.  Participants will be taught the finest EAP exercises, activities, and approaches for safety, therapy, teambuilding, inspiring confidence, and building emotional strength.  Emphasis is given on working with diagnosed or diagnosable mental health clients.

O.K., Let’s Get Down to Business! (Blue)  This seminar invites participants into the gate of “Opportunity & Knowledge.”  Greg Kersten has designed timeless activities that are a hit with corporations year after year.  Standard presentation includes teambuilding and leadership activities including trade sercrets and promotional ideas for equine-assisted practitioners.

O.K. for Every Day (Purple)  This seminar takes EAP and EAL philosophies to the practical arena, with an emphasis on hands-on EAP and EAL! This three-day internship setting includes actual clients and experienced professionals to guide you through implementation into your own practice confidently and professionally.

Coming Home Again (Camouflage)  This seminar addresses the needs of returning veterans and their families.  Specific applications include reintegration, depression, addictions, and issues families experience when their loved ones are deployed.  Greg Kersten is a United States Army veteran, and has certified military and civilian staff and volunteers at the United States Air Force Academy in the practice of EAP.