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Lifetime Members in Red 

USA Members

Gayle Barnett
Toni Brewster
Betsy Livermore
Jacqui Reed
Erica Snoddy
Lorinda Snoddy

Patty Alberg
Shelbi Baros
Sandy Berry
Mary Boles
Rana Cameron
Virginia Coco
Martha Cook
Sheila DeJoode
Stephanie Eisler
Aria Fletcher-Ratcliff
Frank Gandee
Faye Gandolfi
Annie Heffner
Charlie Hill
Debbie Hill
Dianna Hine
Kaylee Hobson

Gayla Hodges

Company: Renewal Ranch Title: Owner
Address: 8605 West Northern Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85305

Phone: 623-362-9196 Mobile Phone: 602-689-1145  FAX: 602-362-3697
Email: gayla@phxinternet.net, gayla@renewalranchaz.com
Website: www.renewalranchaz.com
Services Offered: Corporate Team Workshops, Equine Assisted CoachingBeth Johnson

Abigail Joseph

Denise Kerr
TJ Killoran
Faith Knutson
April Lain
Christine Lechner
Rozlyn Lenox
Walt Lynn
Mary Mackey-Leclair
Maren MacDonald
Brittany Magill
Deborah Marcus
Suzi Minor
Carrie Mizenko
Omer Nezirevic
Tamara Nezirevic
Renae Ogle
Patti Radovic
Meggie Reid
Heather Scott
Janet Sheridan
Dr. Marie Somers, RN, CPT

Company: MAS Equine and Livestock Services
Address: 7-S Ranch, PO Box 1618, Chino Valley, AZ 86323
Phone: 928-237-0790
Email: townpound77@gmail.com
Website: www.mas7-s.com
Services Offered: Individual and family therapy, EAP program for at- risk youth,
Parenting in the corral. Horsemanship lessons from the ground up.
Certification Mileposts Earned: Yellow, Red

Dusty Spitler
Rachael Stewart
Jasmine “Jazz” Thompson
Tammy Tomich
Elizabeth Trier
Darci Weaver

Ron Briscoe
Cynthia S. Cagle

Company: Serenity Counseling & Corral Coaching, Greenwood, AR
Address: 4024 Palestine Rd., Huntington, AR 72940
Phone: 479-996-7914 Mobile Phone: 479-883-9442
Email: littlebambi_07@yahoo.com
Services Offered: Drug & Alcohol Abuse, ADHD, & more. Parenting in the corral, teambuilding, behavioral = self-esteem, equine-assisted ethics. Let me tailor a program for your agency!
Certification Mileposts Earned: Green, Red

Laura Goines
Tamie Gregg
Donna Horton

Alchemy Academy
Tisa Aley
Elizabeth Andrews
James Aslagson
Dennis J. Barney
Lea Belgarde
Patty Bennett
Trish Browne
Carol Caddes
Tayler Camille
Joan Crow
Jessica De La Rosa
Lori De Witt

Email: hvnbnd2@ymail.com
Services Offered: Specializing in helping at-risk youth, mildly emotionally or mentally handicapped individuals. Growth and learning through Christ-centered equine-assisted therapy. Individual as well as family equine-assisted therapy, growth and learning. Horseback riding lessons from the ground up.
Certification Mileposts Earned: Yellow, White

Karen Dunford
Moriah D’Souza
Danette Dutra
Heather Elmore-Boyd, MFT
Julia Eritzian
Desiree Federman
Jamie Fox
Elizabeth Gardner
Gabrielle Godinh
Brian Goldberg

Company: BIG Heart Ranch
Address: P.O. Box 1003, Malibu, CA 90265 Phone: 310-403-4623
Email: brian@bigheartranch.org Website: www.bigheartranch.org
Services Offered: Located on 10+ panoramic ocean view acres in Malibu, California, BIG Heart Ranch is a non-profit sanctuary where humans and animals interact and heal. We offer growth and learning experiences for children, families, couples, groups, and corporations. Our services include: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for the treatment of addiction, PTSD, ADHD, Bipolar, depression, anxiety, co-dependency, and other co-occurring issues; organic gardening; green living and Native American Traditions, and much more. Our “co-facilitators” include three rescued Thoroughbreds, 2 rescued ponies, and a Delta Certified Therapy Dog. O.K. Corral Series Certified.

Saundra Green
Angelica Guajardo
Cyril “Van” Harding
Nikki Hock
Jan Ivanoff
Joey Jerome
Karen Katzmark

Phone: 949-636-6538 Email: katzmarkkk@gmail.com
Certification Mileposts Earned: Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Red, Camouflage

Ed Lacy
Robin Victoria LaMoure

Address: 41 Sea Island Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone: 949-717-7597 Mobile Phone: 949-922-1299 Email: robinlamoure@sbcglobal.net
Company: Sober Living by the Sea Title: Art Therapist
Company Address: 2811 Villa Way, Newport Beach, CA 92663
Company Phone: 800-647-0042
Services Offered: Robin LaMoure is an art therapist and CAADAC member who specializes in recovery from addictions, eating disorders, and trauma. She works at the Newport Beach, Sober Living by the Sea, the Newport/Costa Mesa school districts and in her own private practice. Having served as the Director of Arts for Abused Children in Los Angeles, Robin successfully utilizes her talents from her undergraduate studies in Art History & Painting and graduate work in Drug & Alcohol, Domestic Violence and Equine Therapy training.
Certification Mileposts Earned: Green

Ariel Lansdale
Kris Lawson
Kara Lee
Earl Lent
Doree MacAlvey
Joni Maggini-Bringhurst

Address: 17596 Southlake Rd, Cottonwood, CA 96022
Phone: 530-347-9902 Email: joni@dlbranch.org
DLB Ranch, Inc. Company Website: dlbranch.org

Services Offered: Specializing in at-risk youth trauma, crisis, and recovery DLB Ranch, Inc offers EATL to any individual or group seeking emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Families and individuals suffering from trauma and anxiety can find peace working with the horses.
Certification Mileposts Earned: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Camouflage

Shelly Martin
Katie Mason
Susan Mason
Kari McCoy
Tina Mulligan
Amy Nava
Kathy O’Donnell

Email: info@roughoutranch.org
Phone: 209-256-9640
Company: Roughout Ranch Foundation, Inc.
Address: 21449 Roughout Road, Redding, CA 96003
Website: www.roughoutranch.org
Services Offered: Roughout Ranch Foundation develops, provides and facilitates the connection between horse and human to provide therapy, social recreation, and life skills programs to inspire, motivate and enrich the physical, mental, and social health of all populations including kids and adults with physical differences, developmental delays & foster/adopted children. Home to Rough Rider Roundup, a special needs western day and modified rodeo and a worksite for Far Northern Regional Developmental Disabilities Center.
Certification Mileposts Earned: Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Camouflage

Laura Partridge
Laura Perez
Marta D. Peterson
Kathy Plaisted
Rachel E. Pray
Amy Price
Teri Renaud, CATC, EAC

Company: Horse Therapy 4 U
Address: PO Box 792, Silverado, CA 92676
Phone: 714-499-3431 Company E-mail: teri@horsetherapy4u.com
Web Page: www.horsetherapy4u.com
Services Offered: Horse Therapy 4 U provides individual and group equine assisted counseling for addiction treatment, autism, eating disorders, and returning military.
Milepost Certifications Earned: Blue, Green, Yellow, Camouflage

Sarah Roemer
Lin Rubio
Lucia Sayre
Manbuela Sharber
Nicole Shirrel
Jenny Silber Butah
Jill Silva
Melba Slavin, MSW

Company: Otra Mas Address: 27252 Calle Arroyo, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Phone: 949-466-1353 Email: melbaslavin@me.com Web Page: www.otramas.net
Services Offered: Over 3 years equine-assisted experience. Melba blends her expertise as a trained listener with keen observation of herd behavior offering EAL services to kids, young adults and their families. Emotional and behavioral issues such as fear, anxiety, anger, self-doubt and communication are addressed. Through specific equine exercises participants enhance personal growth by learning to regulate emotions, build self-confidence and move forward with life. Specialized programs with groups include addictions, military wounded warrior project and team building for organizations and corporations. Otra Mas is a non-profit organization located in Orange County’s equestrian community of San Juan Capistrano. Otra Mas provides a quality environment for their clients and superior care for their herd consisting of retired and rescued horses.
Milepost Certifications Earned: Blue, Yellow, Red, Camouflage

Dr. Tufia Steidle
Denise Taylor
Dawn Thompson
Karen Toto
Jane Tomczak
Ron Tomczak
Martha Torkington, M.A.

Address: 2454 Monument Road, San Diego, CA 92154
Phone: 619-522-0020, 619-977-8496 FAX: 619-435-3596
Company: The Stable Place, Z H I Program Title: Founder Web Page: www.thestableplace.com

Natalie Vega
Jared Waasdorp
Jerry Watkins
Camille Wilson
Shelley C. Wilson
Wendy Wood, M.A., Certified Mediator

Company: The Karuna Project
Office Address: 870 Market St, Suite 349; San Francisco, CA 94102 Retreat Center & Ranch located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of N. California
Phone: 530-417-1784 Email: wendy@karunaproject.org
Web Page: www.karunaproject.org
Services Offered: Over 10 years equine-assisted experience. Conflict resolution for professionals, equine experiential learning, psychotherapy, youth development organizational development, leadership coaching, teambuilding, mediation and retreats
Milepost Certifications Earned: Blue

Diane Yates

Tina Adcock
Aimee Ashley
Phil Austin
Kathy M. Brady
Jenna Caldwell
Suzanne Carter
Stephanie Chamberlin
Loretta N. Clark
Melissa Copeland
Michael Cremeans
Carol Dalby
Michael Dawson
Carrie Eisermann
Ed Fry
Desaree Gamez
Danny Guckenberg
Linda Hall-Taylor, Ph.D.
Michael Harari
Sharon Hargett
Steven Howarth
Steven James
Holly Jones
Cindy Knighton
Maren MacDonald
Kimberlee Montoya
Mike Moore
Jules Moriah
Jay D Muller
AnnaMarie Neal
Jennifer Neptune
Lori Perez
Peter Perez
Larry Rideout
Linda Scholtz
Barry Schwabauer
Morgan Scully
Jake Shue
Sarah Shedd

Gillian Sirles
Jeanne Springer

Company: Remount Foundation
Address: 6035 Erin Park Drive, Suite 103, Colorado Springs, CO
Cell: 719-963-5903 E-mail: Jeanne@remountfoundation.org
Website: www.remountfoundation.org
Services Offered: 25 years of equine-assisted experience. The Remount Foundation offers equine assisted learning to active duty, veterans, first responders, and their families.
Milepost Certifications Earned: Green, Camouflage

Joseph Sutherland
Ginger Takacs
Shelli Tezak
Michael Thrun
Kaylee Turner
Ron Tyner
Tammy Tyner
Toni Valenti
Kim Warner
Scott Warner

Sharon Westmoreland

Company: Hoofprints in Time Title: Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Coach
Address: 9150 Madre Place, Lone Tree, CO 80124
Cell: 303-882-2929 E-mail: hoofprintsintime@me.com
Services Offered: Horsewoman’s Creative Resource
• I specialized in coaching horsewomen and their horses in the development of intuitive partnerships
through practical knowledge in equine psychology, body language, spirit and multi-sensory
• Barnyard Artz: Horsey Growth & Learning Kits for kid’s camps & Journey
• Blankets for EAP and EAL sessions as well as Artwork to grace your home or office.
Life Skills Coaching for Individuals and Organizations
• Problem Solving
• Effective Leadership and Communication
• Team Building
Milepost Certifications Earned: Yellow, Blue

Aubrey Wheeler
Rene White

Morgan Whitelock
Deb Williams

Company: Journey Home, Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 1038, Walsenburg, CO 81089 Phone: 719-859-3146
Email: journeyhome@dishmail.net Website: www.horsepoweredlearningcenter.org
Services Offered: 11 years equine-assisted experience, EAL youth programs, youth development skills using EAL, mounted drill team, wilderness expeditions, service projects, EAL staff training
Milepost Certifications Earned: Green, Blue

Sara Williamson
Teresa Yates

Cindy Trifone
Jillian Zeitler

Hilary Abbott
Elizabeth Aulds
Ann Balowski
Laura Chitty
Kelsey Cooke
Nancy De Sisto
Marie Ferri
Richard Fors (“Dad” †)
Stacey Herdegen
Elizabeth Jett
Kelly Mahoney
Gabrielle McKinney
Grace McKinney
Kimberly McKinney
Paul Mullee
Lisa Terry
Monica Walling
Kelsey Wyatt

Ashlynn Brooke Akridge
Jared Arcangeli
Corey Armentano
Sandra Arthur
Janet Brock
Susan Carse-McLocklin
Jennifer Coates
Dr. Galen Cole
Andrea Doolittle
Jessica Farhan
Cheryl Flanagan
Angela Gates
Nancy L. Giles
Fran Griffith
Heather R. Hayes, M.Ed., LPC
Karen Heath
Susan Holzman
Kay Huggins
Mary Ikner
Christopher Karow
Gary Kimbrough
Kristi Petersen
Karla Redman, LCSW
Teresa Sawyer
Kimberley Scully
Sandra Shoemaker
Judith Wolfe

Beverley Bellard
Diane Carty
Stephanie Hansen
Ian Malcolm
Lori Otteson
Bobbie Walburn
Michelle Williams-Alden

Lynn Banis
Candis Bowersox
Robert Burton
Chloe Carlson
Jan Cederlund
Katheryne Clippert
Randi Dixon
Tricia Fagan
Debra K. Hirschberg & Associates
Jennifer C. Hull
Angela Ianakiev
Mike Mylroie
Sandra Kakacek
Jessica Klco
Nikki Klein
Sara LeDuc
Light Center Foundation, Inc.

Kiki Marske

Company: Hope Reigns Ranch Title: Director
Company Address: 8019 East McGregor Road, Rockford, IL 61102
Company Phone: 815-262-6008

Deborah L. Mason
Kelsey Neustel
Beth Raines

Beth Rhames
Rising Star Ranches
Denise Shumaker
Jeanne Swanson
Susan Taney

Amy Vecchio
Jennifer Winberg
Diane Wlezien
Lauretta M. Wolf

Debbie Anderson
Carol Boyle
Maggie Boyle
Meliss Brennan
Susan Dineen
Annette DuBois
Katie Everling-Martinez
Deborah J. Gephart
Priscilla Gnanamanickam
Joan Hall
Christiane Johanssen
Carolyn Logue
Laura Mautz
Autumn Overbay – Highland Heights Farm

Address: 1215 East 650 South, Frankfort, Indiana 46041
Email: info@highlandheightsfarm.com Website: www.highlandheightsfarm.com

Charolette Riale
Tracy Rochester
Terrie Valentine
Duane Vander Woude

Roger Armstrong
Emily Guymer
Healing Hearts with Horses
Horse Haven Rescue
Deb Hoyt
Debra Koerner, MA, LMHC, MAC

Company: Signal Zone Counseling, PC
Company Address: PO Box 36, Boone, IA 50036
Company Phone: 515-230-4010 Email: koerner4960@msn.com
Services Offered: EAP for all ages, specializing in youth at risk. EAL for groups of all ages/types. Teambuilding.
Milepost Certifications Earned: Purple, Yellow

Tanya Moffitt

Company: Stable Connections
Services Offered: EAP for all ages, specializing in youth at risk. EAL for groups of all ages/types. Teambuilding.
Milepost Certifications Earned: Blue, Yellow

Jennifer Schwartz
Lon Strum

Services Offered: EAP for all ages, specializing in youth at risk. EAL for groups of all ages/types. Teambuilding.

Sandy Strum

Services Offered: EAP for all ages, specializing in youth at risk. EAL for groups of all ages/types. Teambuilding.

Heather Turpen

Hollie Becker
Joan M. Benson
Kenda Benn
Equine Education Refuge Society, Inc.
Anjie Gideon
Anne Green
Angela Price
Gary Sutton

Anne C. Fajardo
Karen Kallmeyer
Elizabeth Reichert
Bethany Todd
Steve Yeary

Elizabeth A. Duncan
Vicki Spurling

Vicki Davenport

Nancy Dumond Violette

Company: Perfect Ponies Learning Center Title: Facilitator
Address: 489 Main Street, Van Buren, ME 04785 Email: ponygirl489@msn.com
Phone: 207-868-5324 Mobile Phone: 207-484-1231 FAX: 207-868-5324
Web Site: affiliated with www.manesandtails.org
Services Offered: Horsemanship, special education, success principles, leadership, empowerment, teamwork, individual and group EAL
Milepost Certifications Earned: Yellow, Red, Green

Rich Ferris
Vickie Gelinas
Bracal Kilian, M.S., LCPC
Kelly Kilian

Company: A Better Day Counseling and Farms
Address: 41 Johnson Rd., New Sweden, ME 04762
Email: bracal@abetterdaycounselingfarms.com
Phone: 207-999-1267
Web Site: abetterdaycounselingfarms.com
Services Offered: Equine Assisted Activities, EAP, EAL and mental health counseling.
Milepost Certifications Earned: Green, Camouflage

Keith LaPlante
Linda Leavitt
Keileen Nowell
Jenah Pare
Crystal Stover
Sara Treat
Susan M. Wass, LCSW
Jill Willett-Sewall

Company: Making Strides Growth & Learning, LLC Phone: 207-463-2345
Address: 408 Pond Road, Dyer Brook, ME 04747 FAX: 207-463-2347

Katee Wilson

Matey Barker
Mary Jane Garrett
Heather M. Gates
Sue Hahn

Company: Green Gate Farm Title: Executive Director
Address: 13730 Bobtown Road, Princess Anne, MD 21853
Phone: 410-651-5885 Mobile Phone: 410-422-2087 FAX: 410-651-4425
Email: shahn@greengatefarm.org Web Site: www.greengatefarm.org
Services Offered: Soaring EAGLE – character education/life skills; professional development;
teambuilding; family building; addictions; anger management; conflict resolution; teen groups; personal growth
Milepost Certifications Earned: Yellow, Red

Madonna Pool
Gary Priddy
Michelle Priddy

Nicole Birkholzer
Evilda Hughes
Kathie Orr
Sam Stanley

Marianna Angelosanto
Bella Terra
Grace Bosma
Melanie R. Bright
Amber Burkhardt
Lisa Carter

Company: H.U.G.S. Ranch
Address: 284 Byron Road, Byron Center, MI 49315
Contact Phone: 616-438-7602
Email: lisa.hugsranch@gmail.com Website: www.hugsranch.org
Services Offered: Specializing in Faith Based Therapy. Our mission is to encourage mental,
emotional, physical, and social healing to hurting children and donated, unwanted, or rescued horses
by allowing them to share together in experiencing Hope, Understanding, Guidance, & Support.
Milepost Certifications Earned: Yellow

Samantha Cesare
Ruth Doornbos
Lindsay Drouillard
Karen Dykehouse
Brent Fogleman
Linda Hanley
Maddy Huttenga
Elisabeth Khouri
Giselle Khouri
Julie King
Alexandra Menzel
Olivia Oestreich
Annalyse Parks
Patti Reeser
Sara Rietsch
Sarah Salzwedel
Lauren Schut
Sarah Sharp
Abbey Skoglund
Brandon Squires
Nancy Squires
Melissa Steele
Tanja Struyck-Fogleman
TJ Sullivan
Isabella Tucker
Sandy Waite
Anita West
Jeri Wilks
Ricky Young

Pat Arneson
Colleen Beck
Dancing Sky Ranch
Cheri Engler
Lois Fischer
Cody Granda
Sharon Granda
Kathy Heise
H.O.P.E. Ridge Acres
Faith Jaeger
Spencer Kallan
Guy Kaufman
Shannon Kempf
Stephanie Knudsen
JoLynn Langaas
Sonja Lokhorst
Emily Meyer
Kathleen O’Hara
Jill Olson
Sherry Ostertag
Dan Radtke
Teri Radtke
Destiny Radunz
Wanda Rieger
Annette Rivard
Jason Siems
Rob Sipe
Nina Syverson
Nancy Tomanek
Glen Wright

Karen Cates
Jerry Jackson
Denise “Johnnie” Thornton
Jan Watson
Bobbie Wilkerson
Wendie Woods

Abundant Life Ranch
Michael Boyd
Kaleen Cameron
Lennie Fincher
Brian Flynn
Kim Goodhart
Andrea Kesler
Kynzee Miller
Stephanie Morlan
Debbie Mullen
Kali Rechterman
Hannah Schrader
Sue Shepard
Tina Shinkle
Gail Smithmeier
Gina Staves
Jenifer Sturdivan
Kathrin Theis
Krislyn West
Rachel Willoughby Greene

Tammy Alexander
Linda Dales
Bobbi Hall
Jennifer Hirschfield
Phyllis Lucht
Horse Medicine
Diane Nash Boehm
Lori Otteson
Peggy Roberts
Kathleen Stevens, LAC

Address: 3131 R Drive, Helena, MT 59602
Phone: 406-227-6091 Cell: 406-227-6152
E-mail: kstevens6091@msn.com
Company: Lincoln Counseling and Referral, 555 Fuller, Suite 1
Title: Licensed Addictions Counselor
Company Phone: 406-439-8045
Services Offered: Alcohol and drug-related equine assisted services

Amy Tipton
Janice M. Winderl (Jan Young)

Jeri Goodman

Company: Mane Solutions Title: Psychotherapist
Address: 2228 30th Avenue, Union, NE 68455 Phone: 402-263-5630
Email: manesolutions@windstream.net
Company Phone: 402-588-2034 Company FAX: 402-614-1540
Services Offered: Individual, family, and group therapy. Substance abuse group, Women in Transition group, Healthy Strides Youth Group.

Laurie Kersten
Shelle Kracht
Jessica McCaslin
Spirit Horse Ranch

Nicole Black
Libby Bugl
Jeanne Castillo
Maria Tanja Dari
Michael Elterman
Carolyn Heaton
Stephanie Henschen
Laura Higgins
Sandie Juhl
Terri Keener
Mike Kinney
Elissa Lafranconi
Jenna Markl
Katie McCall
Saskia Rehm
Mindy Stillwell
Rebecca Sultan

Elizabeth Aikens
Clarisse Charland
Debbie Emerson
Renee Wormell

Kathryn Fleming
Mark Wind

Sally A. Carlon
Ann Clemons
Sharon “Trish” Daino
Joycemarie Deppa
Suzy Gerard
Debbie Holmes
Rodger Kane
Yvonne Kane

Judith Schneider, LISW

Address: P.O. Box 618, Abiquiu, NM 87510
Phone: 505-685-4343 Mobile Phone: 505-927-4666
Email: highplaindrifter100 @ yahoo.com
Company: Healing Through Horses Title: Owner
Company Address: 21074A Highway #84, Abiquiu, NM 87510
Company Phone: 505-685-0596 Company Fax: 505-685-0596
Services Offered: We offer services to children, youth, families, and couples. We currently work 
 with state social service agency, state juvenile probation and parole, local mental 
 health centers and will be collaborating with the local school system.

Jen Breslin
Heide Burch
Colleen Corden
Carrie Harris
Dana Jacobs
Elizabeth Kee
Joseph A. Levine, M.D.
Cheryl Loy
Sarah McDonald
Pamela Menke
Susan L. Messersmith
JoAnn Nard
Paula Otis
Desiree Pechtel
Cassie Panton
William Plath
Barbara Savasta
Carrie Simoncic

Stacey Drake
William “Tom” Frierson
Rose George
Whitney Hibbits
Maria Hogge
Dan Koch
Kelley Koch
Nancy Krasno
Jana Phillips
Anne Pression
Alicia Sama
Josie Saxton
Jody Self
Jennifer Upchurch
Heather VanKoughnett

Andrea Walker Morris, M.A. 
 Address: P.O. Box 471, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Phone: 919-391-8407
Email: stridesnc@gmail.com
Company: Strides
Company Email: www.studesnc.com
Services Offered: The Strides philosophy is recovery-based; we believe that we are all in a 
 continual process of growth and change and that although some of us may have become scratched 
 and dented, we’re not broken. We offer equine assisted mental health services tailored to each 
 individual’s life experience. Our facilitators excel in helping clients build resilience through trauma, 
 discover their strengths, and build confidence.

Cheryl V. Ward

Jennifer Nodland

Jenna Weisz

Mendy Boley
Company: Barn Stable Equine Assisted Learning, LLC
Address: 3870 Toll Gate Rd. NW, Somerset, OH 43783
Phone: 740-607-7098
Email: barnstable134 @ gmail.com 
Services Offered: We provide EAL services for youth who suffer from trauma, PTSD, social emotional anxiety, depression, and who are involved in the Juvenile Justice Systems. In addition, we offer family groups.
Milepost Certifications Earned: Blue

Carol Dennison
Cheryl Dorner-Harmon
Sarah Fritz
Kathleen Girgis
Lisa Goldberg
Brenda Goodman
Jill Graydon
Hallie Greenfield
Donna Hammann
Annette Herrmann
Marc Kuperstein
Maria Lee
Michael M. London
Harlie Louden
Randa Louden
Angie Martin
Betsy McGee Rice
Michelle McMaster Bond
Nicole Metzger
Shadow Montag
Abigail Neville
Anna O’Donnell
Kathleen Overholser
Matthew Palsgrove
Jonathan Patton
Sunshine Pettigrew
Ally Potter
Janice C. Prusha
Mollie Riley
Kathleen Robertson
Carrie Rudow
Tanya Russo
Donna Sanders

Melinda Schumacher

Company: Fly Without Wings Title: Professional Coach
Address: 1071 County Road 24, Marengo, OH 43334
Phone: 740-747-0370 Cell: 614-570-4119
Email: Melinda.schumacher @ gmail.com
Company Email: Melinda @ flywithoutwings.net Web Site: www.flywithoutwings.net
Services Offered: Equine Experiential Learning: Personal growth & development, Teambuilding, 
 Creativity Development

Penny Shepherd
Joan Starkowsky
Hannah Stoltzfus

Sandra Tebbe, PCC, LICDC
Company: Project H.O.P.E (Horses Opening People’s Eyes)
Address: 16195 W. Poe Rd., Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 Phone: 419-469-0415
Email: info @ projecthopetherapy.org Web Site: www.projecthopetherapy.org
Services Offered: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for individuals, families, and groups.

Sue E. Thomas
Karen Tinsley
Seana Todd Fortune
Colleen Torsney
Denise Van Gundy
Stephannie Welder
Alison West
Cathryn Young

John Butler
Karen Butler
Teresa Byrd

Bobbie J. Cochran
Company: Answered Prayers Equine Assisted Therapy (formerly O-State Equine Assisted 
 Therapy (OSEAT)
Address: 3650 Darling Road, Guthrie, OK 73044
Email: answeredprayersranch@gmail.com
Website: Under Construction
Phone: 405.314.1737
Services Offered: Equine assisted learning and activities for veterans, first responders, and their 
 families. Answered Prayers Ranch also offers lay-overs for those transporting 
 horses and their trailers/campers.
Milepost Certifications Earned: Red, Camouflage, Green

Jennifer Day
Lindalee Hendershot
Kay Lankston
Keith Lankston
O-State Equine Assisted Therapy
Judy Parrish
Ray of Hope Ranch
Christye Steigman
Jean Stucker
Triple R Ranch
Cathy Williams

Butch Bryson
Elaine Bryson
Russell Chamberlain, LCSW, MAC
DeAnna Hellwich
Lifestream Therapy

Donna McGeein
 Title: NARHA Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor
Address: 1860 SW Allen Street, Corvallis, OR 97333

Phone: 541-207-3765 FAX: 541-207-3765
Email: mcriders @ gmail.com

Donna Stuart
Ken Szymkowiak
Deeanna Wallace

Shanna Aughenbaugh
Corina Berkoben
Samantha Boeser

Jesse Brett
Karen Buchanan
Noel Cianci
Alexandra Contrafatto
Charlotte Cox
Greg Donough
Dana Flaherty
Dee Foll
For the Love of Horses
Aurielle Freeman
Nicki Galluzzo
Barb Goff
Gail Goodridge
Katheryn Hawkins

Kristin J. Hermann
Dale Hostovich
Christy Hutchison
Sandra Long
Aileen Luckowski
Pamela Luckowski, R.N.
Mindy Monestersley
Missie Oesterling
Julie Pastorius
Jody Pritt
Casey Ramage
Rick Reed
Renae S. Sever
Bonnie Shuey
Rebecca Soto
Sarah Stammerjohn
Jenna Teagarden
Dawn Thomas
Casie Vargson
Pamela Wallace
Jennifer B. Watkins 

Denise Wilson
John Wilson

Darlene D’Arezzo, MA, LMHC
Phone: 401-515-5642
Website: www.darlenedarezzo.com
Services Offered: Counseling and psychotherapy, equine assisted psychotherapy – for children, 
 adults, families
Milepost Certifications Earned: Yellow, Camouflage

Victoria Elson
Lewis Foster
Vikki J. Paese
Diane Prewitt
Brian Reed
Robin Richardson
Tracy Setzler
Tanya Tuttle
Kendra Twitty
Melody S. Weidner
Windwood Farm

Patricia Burnham
Amanda Charger
Carla Iron Shooter
Nancy Kain
Diana Melvin
Jessica Wilson
Kamela Wilson

Bailey Adams
Kristen Bauer
Rebecca Bell
Jami Bennett
Wendy Bovell
Terry Campbell

Sara Crum
Address: 8645 Eagle Pointe Road, Knoxville, TN 37931
Phone: 865-242-9697 Email Address: sara4tr@yahoo.com
Currently a NARHA certified instructor and has been since 2005. She has attended both the Blue and Green milepost seminars. She owns horses and has over 15 years experience with them.
Comments: Expertise in working with challenged youth who have mental and/or physical 

Kayla Davis

Kristyn Fabela
Company: Solia Farm
 Address: 4407 Clonts Rd., Apison, TN 37302
 Phone: 423-207-2409 Email Address: soliafarm @ gmail.com
 Website: www.solia.farm
 Services Offered: EAP/EAEM, equine assisted emotion management for families and children. 
 Specializing in foster and adopted families.
 Milepost Certifications Earned: Green, Yellow

Sheila Garland
Shannon Hautala
Rachel Hay
Susan Ingraham
Daniel Jerrolds
Julie Jerrolds
Nonie Linder

Bryony Marshall
Angela Masini
Susan Matzkin

Juanita McKinney
Company: At Wit’s End Title: Director
Address: 304 Reynolds Road, Elizabethton, TN 37643
Phone: 423-542-6178 Cell: 423-647-1727 Email Address: Inuvik @ charter.net
Services Offered: Growth/learning activities leading to self-discovery for children, individuals, 
 couples, & families. Also providing services for at risk, & autism, through local 
 practitioners and school systems.

Allen Nope
Meg Nyweide
Sara Pennington
Dale Phillips
Diane Priami
Steve Redenbaugh

Pam Salem
Company: Horizon Farm EAGL Center Title: B.S. Education, Horse Breeder
Address: 1815 Pine Ridge Road, Seymour, TN 37865
Cell: 865-705-7157 Email: pamsalem95 @ gmail.com
Web Site: http://horsesteachingandhealing.com,
Services Offered: Assist therapists with clients in EAP, EAL workshops, EAL corporate 
 training, EAL small business coaching, assist start up EAP/EAL businesses
Milepost Certifications Earned: Blue, White, Red

Christine Rossi
Leslie Vincent
Cindy Whittemore
Heather Williams

Alan Apperson
Judith Beechler, Ph.D.
Maryann Bell
Melissa Blair
Deborah Bond

Tish Bryant | Reigning Spirit Ranch
 Company Address: 245 Glen Nerren Road, Lufkin, TX 75901
Company Phone: 936-240-1468 Company E-mail: tbryant69 @ gmail.com
Services Offered: Faith based equine assisted learning; pre-marital counsel, life skills and work-to-ride programs.

Matthew Brown
Ken Burrill
Lori Cain
Rachel Dunlay
Katie Durio
E.A.G.L.E. Ranch
JeanAnn Elrod
Jed Elrod
Kathy Gambino
Dyan Garcia
Christina I. Gary
Kristine Godfrey
Cynthia Guinn
Brandi Hall
John Hanes
Sheryl Harrington
Beverly Hill
Gala Hobbs
Karin Huff
Diedre Kindsfather
Darla Kyle
Steven Latino
Michael Longshore
Alyssa Lockhart
Mischele Maglothin
Marion Marold Vickerman
Tammy McKelvy
Pamela Menke
Paula Morgan
Julie Morrison
Shannon Novak
Tammy Peterson
Lisa Polo
Dora Rassbach
Carol Sadler
Alison Selby
Leah Ann Sellers

Melode Seremet, RVT
Company: Paws for Reflection Ranch
Address: 5431 Montgomery Road, Midlothian, TX 76065
Phone: 972-775-8966 E-mail: pawsforreflection @ att.net
Web Page: www.pawsforreflectionranch.org
Services Offered: At Paws for Reflection Ranch, we partner with animals to heal the body, mind 
 and spirit. In addition to our staff of highly trained counselors and coaches, we 
 have a team of four-legged therapists including horses (big and small), dogs, and 
 cats. Our programs provide learning experiences for children, individuals, groups and businesses. We offer Equine Assisted Learning for groups of all 
 ages/types, teambuilding, animal-assisted counseling and coaching, conflict 
 resolution, youth programs and workshops related to natural health and wellness.
Milepost Certifications Earned: Yellow

Jaymie Swallow
Paula Tacker
Taylor Tidwell
Trinity Equine Counseling

Kay Trotter, Ph.D., LPC
Address: 3535 Firewheel Suite B, Flower Mound, TX 75028
Stables Address: Bridlewood Stables & Equestrian Center, 4400 Withers
Avenue, Flower Mound, TX 75028
Phone: 214-755-3309 E-mail: kay @ kaytrotter.com Web Page: www.kaytrotter.com
Title: Licensed Professional Certified Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Registered Play 
 Therapist, Certified Equine Assisted Counselor

Kody Wall
Pat Walters
Emma Weathers
Alice Webster
Kaylee Webster

Dr. Ruth Whitely, PhD, LPC, BCN, NCC
Company: Mental Health Clinic of Greenville, 301 Interstate 30, Greenville, TX 75402
 Phone: 903-274-4140 Email Address: info @ mhcgreenville.com
 Website: www.mhcgreenville.com
 Services Offered: Providing counseling for individuals, couples, families, and groups; specializing in 
 neurofeedback, play therapy, and equine therapy. 17 years of equine-assisted 
 experience in areas of substance abuse, families, psychiatric disorders, and 
 adolescent issues.
 Milepost Certifications Earned: Blue, Green, Camouflage

Marvin Williams
Judy Woods

Brad Anderson
Kelly Anderson
Cooper Baldwin

Bob Bergren
Company: Dual King Ranch/Dual King Ranch Foundation
Address: 1054 North 1100 West, St. George, UT 84770
Phone: 435-673-0163 Mobile Phone: 435-619-2711
E-mail: bob@dualkingranch.com Web Page: www.dualkingranch.com
Services Offered: Dual King Ranch offers full equine based services including life skills, character 
 development, service learning projects, equine learning activities with adults and 
Milepost Certifications Earned: Blue, Green

Gordon Birch
DeDee Blanchard
Dual King Ranch
Colden Glenn
Emma Heath
Emma Hoisington
Casadee Hudson
Chase Jones
Brooks Larsen
Laura Larsen
Ryan Larsen
Emilee Lott
Dee Marble
Mike Mylroie
JaNoy Nield
Brita North
Tyler Patrick
Violet Rhiannon Patrick
Rita Peters
Marie Pickett
Dave Porter
Joanna Sievers
McCall Stephens
McKell Stephens
Shauna Tilton
Kelly Vitorino
Ryan West
Denise Westman
Sandy Wells

Emily Cromie
Tina Desmarais
Stacy Eggsware
Devon Luift
Blythe Poor
Alya Reeve
Katya Strasburger

Brooke Bates

Raymond Bell
Company: O.A.T.S. ™ Overcoming Adversity Through Silence
Address: PO Box 6562, Roanoke, VA 24017
Phone: 404-537-7232 / 540-494-3570 Web Page: www.oatsinva.com E-mail: oats @ oatsinva.com
Years of Equine-Assisted Experience: 2
Areas of Equine-Assisted Specialty: Available on web site
Services Offered: We offer 3 sites for clients to visit. We are the only provider in Virginia that has 
 a mobile team “Hoofprints to Footprints” in which the horses are brought to 
 sites such as residential treatment centers; schools; hospitals; and even private 
Milepost Certifications Earned: Green

Mirjam Bryan
Ronda Carver
Lance Summey
Laura Welsh
Holly Williams

Kim Altig
Cathy Cooper
Tamea C. Denault
Matt Ditto
Peg A. Foley
Bob Gibson
Martha Martin, Ph.D.
Ann Maruhashi
Stefanie Morrison
RheaNell Plog
Laurie Oates

Patti Sgambellone
Matt Wagner

Kathryn Ellis
Carol Ann Lewis
Ally Radenheimer

Elaine Averill
Nicki Butler
Marlene Cordes
Kat Dodd
Anne Fors, Ph.D.
Katheryn Goll
Angelika Haas
Diane Helgeland

James Knight III
Christine Mattila
Jeanna Morshead Metelica
Sylvia Pember
Tricia Raimondi, M.A.
Jessie Schroeder
Todd Schroeder
Anne Spahr
John Spahr
Vicki Tribovich
Megan Weeden
Kelly Wisnefske

Kerry Eblen
Missy Groves
Sunny Trabing

International Members

Anna Adams
Niki Collins
Helen Gibbs
Sally Sagar
Scilla Sayer
Helen Sorensen
Shirley Villarreal
Company: Equine Interactions
Address: 48 Hogan Drive, Wamboin, NSW 2620
Phone: 04 1490 4033 E-mail: wamboinnh @ gmail.com
Website: www.wamboinnaturalhorsemanship.com
Services Offered: Natural Horsemanship instruction and equine-assisted learning (EAL)
Milepost Certifications Earned: Green, Red, Camouflage, Yellow, Blue

Kaat Everaerts
Ingrid Hens

Tahn Towns

Patricia Kovnats

Marci Brown
Jasmine Chomski
Doreen M. Moore

Lee Walerius
Tammy Walerius

Mia Brenes

Elaine O’Riordan

Tina Williams

Kim Brown
Aurele Hedley
Coral Harrison
Ronald Wilson Larty
Don Lavender
Meena Lavender
Pauline Lupton
Lisa Morris
Marianne Newstead
David O’Malley
Amanda Rothwell
Mike Woods